Fuel savings for ocean shipping

Cost savings

PROPit - Wind power generation for Commercial Vessels




Marine wind power

PROPit has developed marine turbine technology to enhance current wind power solutions for mobile marine applications. To provide both propulsion and electricity.



Fuel savings
The PROPit technology is based on solid theoretical animationcalculations made by the company as an integrated part of the development process. An independent second opinion has been delivered in a study made by researchers and their associates, at the Chalmer’s Technical University in Gothenburg, which verifies both the technology’s feasibility and its potential.

Two different cases were analyzed, one for a VLCC with 260 000 dwt and one for a product tanker with 11 000 dwt. Fuel savings ranging from 15 to 28% for the larger and between 6 and 16% for the smaller ship have been established with high certainty in both studies. Naturally, a large number of influencing factors and assumptions must be accounted for when making such quantitative statements, but these numbers clearly justify further development and trials

Propit improves operational economy

  • Because scientific calculations verify that ships can save up to 28 percent in fuel consumption.
  • Because it can efficiently provide electrical power for the ships internal needs, enhancing power efficiency
  • Because reduced fuel consumption means reduced emissions.
  • Enabling Green Shipping and meeting evolving regulatory requirements and objectives.
  • Because PROPit’s solution is designed to minimize handling - automating control and management.
  • Because PROPits solution is also designed to meet maritime safety standards.


PROPit delivers modern wind turbine technology to the shipping industry.




PROPit addresses some of the main concerns of the shipping industry.



Harnessing the wind energy of the world’s oceans, for propulsion and power generation!


PROPits technology offers substantial operational cost savings for ocean shipping.


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